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Do you want to lose weight, burn body fat or learn how to eat healthy and maintain your current weight?

No matter what your goal is you can choose either from one of our ready to download Meal Plans or choose to work personally with me to get the maximum out of a Meal Plan made for you and your body.

Lose Weight OVER 40

Over the age of 40 many things change in our body. Hormonal imbalances can affect your weight. You need lifestyle and eating change of that will go along with the needs that your body has at this age. Your exercise needs are also much different than before.

This program includes nutrition and meal plans, lifestyle changes and exercise plans.

Let's restore your health, fitness and confidence!

This is an 1-0-1 Online Program

Over 40 Weight Management
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Plan to Get Fit at The Gym

Plan to Get Fit at The Gym

Regular price 9,95 €

In this book you will discover 

  • The best workout plans put together
  • How to get the best possible results
  • Fitness principles and training methods that work
  • How to identify when it's time to change your training plan
  • How to build lean muscle, lose body fat or build muscle endurance
  • How to find out how much you need to eat
  • How to eat for fuel or weight loss
  • Exercise guide included
Transform Your Body After 40 - Second Edition

Transform Your Body After 40 - Second Edition

Regular price 0,00 €

In this book you will discover

  • What is happening to your body after 40
  • The importance of setting goals and being disciplined
  • Why you are not losing weight even though you are on a diet
  • Why diets are not the right solution when it comes to permanent weight loss
  • What, when and how much to eat in order to lose weight
  • How to calculate your daily calorie demand
  • Meal plans and how to make your own from scratch
  • Why you should start exercising and stop dieting immediately
  • Exercise plans and simple exercise routines
  • How to get rid of cellulitis
  • An illustrated guide of the most effective exercises you should be doing
  • How to put it all together and get an amazing body transformation
90 Days to a New Body

90 Days to a New Body

Regular price 14,95 €

In this book you will discover how you can change your body in 3 month period. It contains the 90 day detailed workout program with all the workouts you should do each week, cardio sessions and how to progress as time advances.


  • You will find all the information and roadmap to prepare yourself physically and mentally for your transformation and how to avoid pitfalls.
  • It will guide you through with nutrition information, how to choose and combine foods, prepare meals and give you simple nutritious recipes to facilitate your transition to healthy eating.
  • In this book you also have an illustrated guide of the exercises mentioned in the workouts.
  • And a practical guide what to do after the 90 days program is over, to make sure that you continue living a healthy lifestyle and keeping the weight off and the good habits on.

    Catherine Piot Institute

    At Catherine Piot Institute we believe that everyone can get to greater state of health and fitness with proper guidance and information.

    We do not believe in diets, only in achievable and durable lifestyle changes. This is why we are successful.

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