Lean Muscle Gain - 2000 Calories

Lean Muscle Gain - 2000 Calories

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You have dedicated to build lean muscle and you already follow a sound exercise program the other piece of the equation is to eat the right amount of food to support muscle growth.

In order for muscle to grow though you will need to eat more calories but most importantly quality calories that will give you the right number of macronutrients without just giving you only empty calories with little nutritional value.

It includes 7 days meals that you can follow starting from 1 week up to 12 consecutive weeks. I don’t recommend that you follow the plan for longer than this because your body will adapt, and your results will start to diminish.

Like all our plans this one contains a variety of foods and it will give you all the necessary nutrients to establish a good nutritional balance and avoid any kind of deficiencies. You will find that it is easy to follow and easy to prepare. You need to remember that you need to eat more food to gain muscle.

To get the best possible results, keep following a good workout plan and don’t skip any meals. Both are very important factors to muscle building.