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A Woman's guide for to Weight Loss & Fitness & Nutrition after 40
(Second Edition Updated 2020 Book 2)



Transform your body after 40 is a book for all women especially those 40+ who wish to lose weight, get fit & lean, and enjoy life with health and confidence.

I updated the book in March 2020, this is its second edition. In this book, you will learn:
    • Why you don't lose weight even though you are on a diet.

    • How you can calculate your daily energy and macronutrient needs.

    • What and when you should eat to lose weight.

    • Why you should exercise and what kind of exercise you must do.

    • How you can build workout plans and daily menus

    • How you can deal with ugly cellulite.

  • How you can put it all together for life-lasting results.
The book comes with step by step instructions and with an illustrated excercise guide.